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have you read "Subtexts of the Caribbean"? Great rizzles pirate fic :)


How on earth did I miss this little gem?!

"Captain Rizzoli’s light frame was encased in skintight black buckskin trousers and a handsome, heavy navy uniform coat. The high boots were gleaming in the bright sunlight. The mane of black curls falling down the back of the coat was surprisingly long, but then again, even Lady Fairfield had to admit she wasn’t well versed in pirate fashion…"


Told you, Jane as a Pirate -> sexy as hell. *wiping drool off my chin*

Damn, I could also quote at least ten parts which made me laugh SO hard! I like how it’s full of humor and captivating. The author did a very great job by keeping the characters authentic in this kind of setting. Pirate’s atmosphere brilliantly succeded! :D

Thank you so much for this recommendation!


You’ve made me start my day in a very very good mood! ^^ <3

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